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Powerful Griffin Boards

Griffin Boards: Keep your Style, Increase The Power

griphen griphen
Power Wheel
Quick Release Battery
Easy Install Slide and Click
Light Weight Aluminum Frame
Dual Drive -X1 Booster

The Best All in One solution to convert any board into a powerful electronic longboard or skateboard in minutes.

Style, Power, Travel

Style: Be Unique, Ride Your
Board, Your Way



Don't stay grounded; travel
wherever and whenever

Dual Drive POWER

  • Safe

    Low mode for beginners and High mode for max speed

  • Light

    Dual Drive system weighs less than 6lbs

  • Power

    Dual drive motors drives up hills of 10-15% incline

  • Speed

    Dual Drive Motors reach speeds up to 12 MPH

  • Style

    5 to 10 minute quick install on our Griffin Boards or Yours

  • Stability

    Holds load up to 260lbs and is IP54 Water Resistant

Griffin Boards is proud to offer a compact and powerful dual drive electric skateboard booster

Order now and Ride in Style. Available Now!

Griffin Boards

$ 309.99

The All in One solution to convert any board into a powerful e-board in minutes. Cruise along with one of our Custom Griffin Boards or grab an existing board you own...


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