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How do I brake?

To slow down you roll your thumb backwards on the wheel trigger on the remote.  The brake is firm when applied at medium to fast speeds and is very safe.  The braking is softer at slow speeds and may not bring you to a complete halt.  It has been designed to be as safe as possible.




How fast does it go?

Our X1 motors can push your board up to 12mph depending on the riders weight and hill incline.




How do I maintain my Griffin board?

 It is recommended to check your truck screws for tightening after each ride and clean and replace the front truck bearings as needed.



Can the Griffin Board ride through water?

The board can ride through small amounts of surface water but should not go through puddles or heavy rain or be submerged in water. 



What is the Range?

Griffin Boards can travel between 10-18 miles depending on the riders weight, speed and hill incline.




How do I change Out the battery pack?

Griffin Boards comes with an easy to remove battery pack which plugs into a provided ac charging adapter.