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Griffin Board Electric Booster X2

$729.99 $899.99


All in One solution to convert any board into a powerful e-board in minutes. Cruise along with one of our Custom Griffin Boards or grab an existing board you own. No matter which board you choose you'll have no problems with the quick install of the Griffin Board Electric Booster. 

How fast is the Griffin Booster?

Hit speeds up to 24MPH.

How far can you travel?

Cruise up to 6-12 miles on a single charge!

Want to go Further?

Buy yourself an extra battery pack and double your mileage!

Packaging Includes:

  • 1 Quick install battery pack
  • 1 Wireless Remote Control with smart indicators
  • 1 Set of Front Trucks
  • 1 Set of Dual Drive HUB motors on light weight Aluminium Frame
  • 1 Pack of board truck screws
  • 1 Install T-Tool kit
  • Battery Pack consist of Samsung 25r 18650 cells in 10s2p configuration.


  • Estimated Delivery is between 15 - 30 business days of purchase date


**All purchases come with a 6 month Limited Warranty**